The Upping Your Elvis Podcast: Episode 18

Chris and Jim chat to James Sills about our latest #ElvisEnergyExperiment where we've been giving our energy a huge boost by singing. The benefits of singing for physical and mental health include boosting mood, reducing anxiety, improving posture, and lowering blood pressure.

These benefits are  well-documented, and here’s the great thing ... none of the benefits from singing are dependent on our singing ability (or perceived singing ability).

Many of us stop singing in adulthood, often for fear of judgment, comparison, or ridicule, a belief that is frequently reinforced by programmes such as The X Factor or The Voice. Yet

Have a listen to how the experiment James set for us gave Chris and Jim a huge feeling of freedom, connection and happiness. And give it a go for yourself...

James Sills is a musician, singing leader, author and speaker who is on a mission to get people singing.

Find out more about James and his twice-weekly singing sessions called The Sofa Singers, that has brought together thousands of people from over sixty countries to sing together online.