The Upping Your Elvis Podcast: Episode 11

Chris and Jim chat to the brilliant Darryl Edwards from Primal Play about the impact movement has on our energy.

In our latest #ElvisEnergyExperiment we've worked with Primal Play and looked at how moving our bodies brings an enormous energetic return!

It’s fair to say that most of us don’t relate exercise to playtime, but Darryl Edwards, leading movement expert, disagrees and says it's about time that we reframe how we view our journey to fitness, focussing more on ‘movement snacks’ and making it fun.

Darryl Edwards is a former Investment Banker Technologist and after almost two decades of becoming increasingly sedentary and sick, he decided to transform his health and designing the Primal Play Method of wellbeing. A back to basics approach with fun, and playful, animal moves at its heart.

Check out the podcast and see how you can bring some Primal Play to your life...