The Upping Your Elvis Podcast: Episode 21

Chris, Jim and Neil chat to Laughter Ambassador and Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Lotte Mikkelsen, about our latest #ElvisEnergyExperiment where we’ve been giving our energy a huge boost by delving deep into the healing power of laughter.

Laughter Yoga is growing in popularity as a way to boost staff wellbeing.  Lotte Mikkelsen taught us about how laughter not only releases endorphins, but also relaxes the body, relieves stress, and can even increase immune cells, improving our resistance to disease. Now who doesn’t want a piece of that?

We love a laugh at Elvis HQ, so this month’s energy experiment has been a real hoot.

Have a listen as Chris, Jim and Neil discuss the experiment and explore why this month has been a barrel of laughs.

And… why not give it a go yourself?

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