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Why Talk It Out works

September 1, 2021

We're huge fans of mental health awareness week. It makes us think more about how we can look after ourselves, our loved ones and our colleagues with the challenges so many of us face.

We do however find that most people are in dire need of something proven and practical that they can use right now to help them develop positive mental wellbeing, rather than simply increasing their awareness. Talk It Out is just such an approach.

It works on the mind a little like going to the gym or eating well works on the body. And anyone can do it. Check out this video to see the amazing Dr. Mark Goulston author of bestselling book Just Listen, explaining the neuroscience behind why Talk It Out works so well.

Give it a go this week, on your own or in a pair (if its safe) and see how it can help you to feel great!


It’s free, it’s easy & it’s fun…