We've helped some of the biggest and best companies on the planet succeed – by getting their energy right.

Hear from them about the exciting work we did together and the impact it's created for their people, their culture and their business...

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Remote Working Programme with ITV

The combination of our Interactive Webinar & 5-Day Digital Programme helped the teams at ITV feel more in control, more connected and like they were enjoying their work even more... and all in just 5-days!

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#BeTheBestYou with M&G Prudential

Working with over 400 of the top leaders from across the business during a complex de-merger and merger, we delivered a culture change program designed to energise their teams to embrace a clear mission; to #BeTheBestYou.

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Upping Your Team with Unilever

We worked with over 750 people globally, to deliver a program that created an impact across the whole of Unilever. Delivering Awareness, Creativity & Collaboration throughout their business...

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Make it BIG with ITV

We partnered with ITV to deliver a new, dynamic and creative culture for their commercial team. They transformed as a result and became the best performing FTSE 100 company.

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Why Upping Your Elvis?

We believe that when you get your energy right, work is easy & fun. And when it's not, things are quite the opposite! But don't just take our word for it...

Listen to what the folk we've worked with have to say about how 'getting their energy right' created a positive impact for them.