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Upping Your Elvis: The book is here!

October 7, 2021

I love creating you stuff. In fact, I live for it. The buzz of starting with a blank sheet of paper and finishing with something whole and complete is so deeply satisfying. My whole life has been spent having ideas and creating something from nothing. But writing my first book was one of my most fear filled creative exploits.

I decided to write “how to have kick ass ideas” back in 2005 for two reasons. Firstly, I had a head full of ideas stimulated by years of live experience with some of the best and biggest clients on the planet. But most importantly. because I had a belief that I was a great starter and a rubbish finisher - I could do big picture ideas but I could never do detail.

So, I decided to develop a new muscle and it's a muscle that I have grown particularly fond of. The process of writing a book for me is rather magical. I often look at what I've written and wonder where it came from. When you get into a flow it just pours out. I have now written five books and I am delighted with the progression. My latest is called “Upping Your Elvis” and I honestly believe it is a thing of beauty.

For the first time, I didn't work with a big publisher, but put together my own publishing team which means I could do whatever I wanted. The design is extraordinary. I don't take any credit for it. I was lucky enough to find somebody who just knows how to make things sing (and I am now spending everyday trying to convince her to join team Elvis full time! What's also deeply pleasing is that this is the first book that truly encapsulates our business.

It's all about how you get your energy right and how you make business fit you rather than try and make you fit business. It's what we do every day and it's what we are deeply passionate about. The advice is simple and human and fun. One of the challenges in this game is that you're never sure what impact a book creates on it’s own. So we have launched a companion digital programme so that we can increase our impact around the planet.

The results have just arrived from our first study…. After spending no more than five minutes per day, for 20 days, the organisation that took part found that their….

Focus increased by 19%

Positive Impact by 28%

And Energy by a whopping 48%!!

So, I can sit here today confident in knowing that anybody who follows the book, or the digital programme, has access to a more Technicolor life - and that just feels really good.

Get your energy right and see what it can do for you.

Big Love,

The Upping Your Elvis Team.