Talk it Out is a human, simple way to develop positive mental well-being. It's not the only answer, but from our experience it can help. It's free, it's easy & it's fun.

Our latest research with the University of Bristol shows that 85% of people who tried Talk It Out feel happier and as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Their positivity increased by 18% and negative feelings fell by 15%.

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We all know how to look after our bodies by exercising and eating well, but few of us do the same for our minds.

Our brain is a muscle, like any others in our body, that needs to be taken care of. Talk it Out does just that. In just one hour we can gain a clearer perspective on life, who we are and how we are living.

It's the fastest way to process complex situations and gain clarity, energy and inspiration.

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The beauty of Talk It Out is that anyone can use the technique by just following our simple guide.

All you need is a buddy and a place to meet where you can go for a walk, and in just 60 minutes you can both gain a clearer perspective on life and connect more deeply with who you are and how you are living.

It's free, it's easy & it's fun.

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Partner with us...

We’ve set Talk It Out up as a Community Interest Company so we can use it for the good of people across the planet, and here at Upping Your Elvis we’re putting our time, our money and our energy into making this happen.

But we can’t do this alone, we need your help. By partnering with us, not only will we train your people so you have the capability in-house, but you'll be helping us to reach millions of people so they can feel the benefit of Talk It Out too.

Get in touch today, and let's do something awesome together...

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Help us to put a dent in global suffering...

We're exploring an Artificial Intelligence driven version of Talk It Out so we can reach more people and help them feel the benefit of Talking It Out.

But to do this we need your help...

We need recordings of people doing a Talk It Out session that we can use to help the Artificial Intelligence software learn what happens when we do a session.

If you've tried Talk It Out and want to help us take it into the digital age, we'd be eternally grateful if you downloaded our 'How to' guide and recorded yourself doing a Talk It Out session so we can create a library of recordings to help the AI learn.

All recordings will be completely anonymised and treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Download guide here...