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You are perfect

August 20, 2021

The chances of you being on this planet right now are so infinitesimally small; that you were just meant to be. Every little bit of you is just perfect for the life that you need to lead. You have all the resources, the creativity and the superpowers necessary to be extraordinary. You are lacking nothing.

However, the world in which we live would have you believe that we should constantly strive for betterment.
And betterment can only be achieved by obtaining things currently beyond our grasp. The perfect wardrobe. The next level of qualification. The bigger house. Those tighter abs.

But let me assure you that happiness and fulfilment are what you were born for and is our natural state of being. We are driven from this state by the constant desire to improve and attain more. When we start to believe the hype of the latest ‘silver bullet’ it's easy to believe that the external world is the key to our satisfaction. And in turn, this creates worry and anxiety; perpetuating the assumption: we are not enough.

In contrast, when we tune into who we truly are, and the world in which we physically live, we can soon realise that today's bliss need not rely on external factors. In actual fact, it only comes down to how we show-up, and the sense we make of the world in which we live.
Whenever we judge a situation to be wrong, we lose our power. Whenever we become attached to a particular outcome, we resign ourselves to gloom.

Alternatively - when we remember that this life is just a game; a game that we can only win when we show up with a smile on our face, and love in our heart, then all the rules change. You remember that ‘winning at life’ isn't about others losing, or about constant betterment; it's about appreciation for each of us as individuals and for us all winning together. You remember that having a positive impact on just one person’s day makes that day worthwhile. You become aware that sometimes doing a lot less achieves a lot more. And that you need to create the space to do ‘less’ for new adventures to unfold. And that this perpetual race of running flat-out means that such opportunities are so much harder to spot.

We all need to remember that we have everything we need right now to lead the most extraordinary of lives, just as we are.

Lastly, we must acknowledge that so do all the people around us, whatever and whoever they are, their perfection, no matter how different to yours, is just as valuable.