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Updated: Apr 6

Chris & Jim catch-up with the fantastic Elena Anguita, Founder of the Spread Thanks Movement about our latest #ElvisEnergyExperiment where we've been exploring the impact spreading thanks has on our emotional and spiritual energy and look at how a renewed focus on gratitude can give us all a massive energetic boost.

Elena is a change agent, author, and speaker who passionately supports education, literacy, and helping people learn.

She launched the Spread Thanks revolution in 2017, a movement to encourage personal gratefulness through the sending of daily thank-you notes Have a listen to how we got on with our experiment and hear how the simple act of sharing gratitude is both powerful but also ensures we start each day with a “Thank You” in our hearts. We've loved this one and we'll be keeping this with us for sure...

The Upping Your Elvis Podcast - Episode Twelve - Spread Thanks with Elena Anguita

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