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Spread thanks

March 4, 2022

Throughout 2021, we’re continuing to explore our energy. How it affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We’ve hooked up with a series of experts who’ll set us an experiment every month to help us discover a new way of managing our energy.

We’re super excited about our next experiment as we’re going to be exploring the impact spreading thanks has on our emotional and spiritual energy and look at how a renewed focus on gratitude can give us all a massive energetic boost.

For this experiment we’ve partnered with the wonderful Elena Anguita, founder of www.spreadthanks.com, a simple practice that’s changing lives and changing the world, one thank-you note at a time.

Elena is a change agent, author, and speaker who passionately supports education, literacy, and helping people learn.

She launched the Spread Thanks revolution in 2017, a movement to encourage personal gratefulness through the sending of daily thank-you notes.

“I’m convinced that the transformational power of thank-you has never been fully realized.” Elena Anguita

You can join in with this experiment any way you choose, but we will be getting started by using Elena’s awesome Spread Thanks Kit which includes the inspiring Spread Thanks book, the Spread Thanks Daily Miracle Journal to record the impact on your life, and a set of 30 thank-you notes and envelopes.

This month’s experiment looks like this…

Daily experiment

Start your day by being mindful, engage in what’s happening in your life, right now, and find someone you want to express gratitude to, today. Send them a thank you note. If you’re not sure about how to write a thank you note, download a sample here. Just remember that what you write doesn’t have to be perfect or complicated. A simple, heartfelt note can bring so much joy.

We’re going to be doing this each morning for 30 days.

If you can’t manage each day then try for a minimum of every other day, and then each evening record the impact this has on your day - something Elena calls the Daily Miracle. This acknowledgement will keep you motivated by actively noting the impact saying thank-you has had for you.

Weekly experiment

Each week, we’re going to look back at our previous week and share one of our most exciting Daily Miracles from the previous 7 days.

This might be a conversation we have with someone to tell them about the daily miracle, or it could be by sharing our experience on social media (use the handle #spreadthanks as it’s a great opportunity to get others involved too). Whatever feels right, the important thing is we share how the daily miracle made us feel.

The final week

Once we’ve been sharing gratitude for 30 days, we’re going to look back through our journal and notice the impact the last 30 days has had for us. Have we had specific successes? Have these led to any changes in the way we’re going to interact with someone, or how our relationships will be? The practice of ‘noting’ these impacts will ensure we get the best out of the experiment and keep the impact going long into the future...

And that’s it…. Simple, powerful and ensures we start each day with a “Thank You” in our hearts.

We’ll be reporting back throughout the month on how the experiment’s going for us and will be sharing lots of our Daily Miracles on social media too, so keep a look out for those.

You can follow our progress on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter and share any pics or stories of your own Spread Thanks experience – remember to use #spreadthanks. And if you want to find out more about the fantastic work the Elena does, head over to https://spreadthanks.com/ We’re super excited about this experiment and can’t wait to hear how you find it too and how it impacts your energy.

Have fun with this one…

Big Love,
Upping Your Elvis.

Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash