From full change programmes to individual workshops designed to help leaders and teams be more energetic and collaborative, we deliver a range of training programmes that help people achieve more through their unique talents, every day.

Upping Your Team

Leaders Workshop

Our two day retreat based workshop for leaders to invest in how they work. A time for reflection and bonding, whilst tuning up the behaviours and skills of how they function.

Known by our clients as Leadership Rehab, we help people to get away from bad habits and introduce good ones, helping them to get their energy right.

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Team Workshop

Our two day retreat based workshop allows teams the space to invest in how they work. We tighten up relationships and help everyone to get clear on the standards the whole team will commit to.

A human, energetic and soul filling adventure designed to make everyone in your teams feel more impactful and alive.

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Champions Workshop

A four day residential retreat for up to ten people who are coached to inject creative and conscious leadership into any business situation and beyond. A fully submersive and intense experience; a total mind and body re boot.

Leave inspired, energised and ready to drive energetic and extraordinary thinking into work and life.

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Bespoke Change Programmes

Most of our clients are experiencing unprecedented change. We help them make the most of it by designing a bespoke programme to fit their unique needs. We use combinations of the programmes above as the building blocks to develop that.

Watch the video to learn how our change programme helped ITV to get their extraordinary on.


Remote Working Program

Get Your Energy Right, When Working Remotely.

Our Webinar and 5-day program help people to get their energy right so that everything becomes easier, more fun and more successful, whilst we're all working remotely.

We embed a more human and energetic way of working to help people be ready surf the wave of change every day, whilst giving them all a boost to their mental wellbeing.

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Team Re-Set Program

When people return to work we simply cannot expect for it to be business as usual.

Everyone will have been deeply impacted by this prolonged period of working alone so we need to bring people back together and support them in ways they've never been supported before.

Our workshop creates the space for people to process their experiences, so they’re clearer on whats important to them and are in a better place to re-connect with their team.

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