We’re hoping that you might be able to help us out, or know someone that can? We’re looking for a bright and hungry business student who’s up for a challenge – someone who wants to experience life in a vibrant, forward-thinking, boundlessly energetic company.

What we’re after is someone special to help us with research – someone who can be based elsewhere, checking in with us at Elvis Towers in Lyme Regis regularly, as and when suits. We want whoever it is to become a part of our team, at least for the 3-6 months that we’re working together, and to begin to feel as passionately about our work as we do.

We’re a tight-knit company and we love what we do. We’re after someone who can help us forward our work with valuable, clear and well-communicated research into things like: 

  • The psychology of modern business – what makes them tick, what works and what doesn’t, what’s new and exciting
  • The energy of business – the impact things like mental wellness, sleep, nutrition and life outside work can have on how a business can shape, develop and grow
  • Creative approaches to leadership globally – the direction of travel, what’s new and experimental, what’s exciting and energetic
  • Research into people’s time and productivity – what has the potential to affect these, what can make them better and what’s holding people back

And so much more!

We can offer an experiential insight into a truly unique company – here’s what people say about the way that we work: https://www.uppingyourelvis.co...

We’re really hoping that we can help each other out – please do get back to caroline@uppingyourelvis.com to discuss further, if you think that you or someone you know might be the right one to help us!

Closing date 31st October 2018

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