Upping Your Elvis embeds a human, energetic and creative working culture to help you win in times of change. The Creative Spark was born to share some of the things that inspire us along our way. We hope you like them too.

We made a short film about our new workshop Upping Your Team. Yup, team building. Not the go-karting, raft building kind of workshop we are all familiar with. Upping Your Team delivers a whirlwind of the unique impactful techniques Elvis is famous for to build a super-tight team that is raring to go. Find out more here

Greggs the baker always cooks up a cheeky Xmas marketing campaign. This year is no exception - having converted their shop sign to read backwards. The logo now reflects perfectly in Fenwick's, opposite to Greggs, festive window. A deliciously baked PR stunt. 

Mr Bingo's mucky (but very beautiful) advent calendar is set in a pub! Win-win. Forget a daily chocolate hit. Remove their clothes to countdown to Christmas. The holidays will never be the same again.

Experience the 'ice man' live.

Wim Hof is on tour.

Sharing his ground breaking cold exposure and breathing technique.

Promising to reduce stress and boost your energy levels.

Sign up here. Brrr.

Winter is a great time to get more zzz's. The US Army has a sleep technique it teaches its recruits to help them fall asleep in 2 minutes even in times of chronic stress. 96% of people who try the plan for 6 weeks report success. Sweet dreams. 

We are thrilled to have been given the award for 'Most Innovative Leadership Training Provider' and 'Award for Excellence for Executive Development Retreats - UK' by Corporate Vision Magazine. Thank you to our nominees and to CV for making it happen!

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