Upping Your Elvis embeds a human, energetic and creative working culture to help you win in times of change. The Creative Spark was born to share some of the things that inspire us along our way. We hope you like them too.

Bristol University are working with us to put together a research case to refine a fast, simple, human, fun exercise 'Talk it Out', to help people make a positive impact on their mental wellbeing. We are looking for brands, groups or teams to help. We provide the tools and training (free of charge). You bring the love! Message caroline@uppingyourelvis.com if you would like to get on board. Rainbows and unicorns should be for everybody, every day. Let's make that happen.

A controversial weekend for Serena Williams but there is no doubt she does #JustDoIt. Nice. 

This Summer a grieving Orca Whale taught us so much about life. If we listen well. We can fix things. To make positive change.

New documentary outlining the life of the ultimate bad ass rock 'n' roll musician, Joan Jett. Trailblazing the way in a mans world. On a screen near you soon...

We are the only living thing that can make decisions, weigh options and consider the moral implications of every action. Basically consciousness. It’s special. Lets use it wisely. Inspiring and amusing words as ever from f****** Mark Manson (he has slight potty mouth).

Our very own Jim Lusty's column at Minutehack shares tips and ideas around creativity, leadership and wellbeing. This month Jim ask us all to embrace a little paranoia. Yes, you heard it right. A little paranoia can go a long way.

Leap and the net will appear

John Burroughs

Something for the weekend....

Fact...80% of squirrels forget where they put their nuts.

Follow...@WillSmith and his motivational tips.

Read...The ever wise James Clear's new book on breaking bad and forming new habits. 

Listen..Akimbo the new podcast from inspirational writer Seth Godin 

Watch...How to stay calm when you know you'll be stressed by neuroscientist Daniel Levitin @TEDTalks

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