Elvis's mission is to help people and businesses realise their creative potential. Once you discover this potential, good stuff happens. The Creative Spark was born to share some of the things that inspire us along our way. We hope you like them too.

The best thing you can do to make your job work better for you? Learn how to tune into the opportunity that is around you every day. It is there. Promise. Our One Day Foundational Course does just that. Brings creativity to all that you do. Join us, London, June 26th. #BeMoreElvis.

Michelle Poler shares her story on facing her fears over 100 days and how it changed her life. The 100th Fear was delivering a TEDx. Great 15 min watch. Girl, you got Cajones.

Axe Throwing and alcohol. Don't sound like they go together? Think again. A heady combo that's making good business and a whole lot of fun. Let's Kick Axe.

We all like to think we are indispensable at work. Fact is we are not and it doesn't serve us well. Great tips on how to get over yourself via our inspiring design friends, Bulldog Drummond.

Roger Federer injured his knee whilst running a bath for his 4 kids. Not to be deterred by his ageing body, he got a bigger racket head (bit like getting reading glasses) and adapted his playing style. Creative genius extraordinaire. 20 grand slams and counting. Do it like Roger.

Every single year we're a different person Steven Spielberg Every single day we're a different person
Chris Baréz-Brown

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