People in business are busy, but allowing people thinking time will deliver spectacular results.

Recent research suggests that 30% of knowledge workers do no thinking at work at all and 58% do less than 30 minutes. People are so occupied by answering emails and rushing from one task to the next that thinking has fallen by the wayside.

As a consequence facilitating a bountiful creative session is now a tough brief; getting people comfortable, energised and off autopilot, so they can fire up their minds and think freely, requires some skill.

Our work at Upping Your Elvis helps people, teams and businesses become more energetic, human and creative. If I had one top tip for facilitating a successful creative session, it would be to stop talking so much and enjoy the silence.

When somebody is asked to facilitate a creative session a few things seem to naturally evolve: First, their head gets busy, usually with unhelpful stuff like performance anxiety. They then grab a pen and stand by a flip chart (because that’s how creative sessions have always been run…).

Then they start talking. And talking. And if they’re not careful, they don’t stop talking for the entire session. Why? Partly because they think it’s the facilitators job to be the dominate voice in the room and partly because they’re terrified that if they stop speaking, no one will say anything and they’ll experience an awkward, uncomfortable silence.

To help people deliver productive and engaged creative sessions I have developed Jim’s Magnificent 7, the aim of which is to rid you of these awkward flip chart moments FOR GOOD!

I shared my Magnificent 7 with our friends at @Minutehack . Enjoy!

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