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In 2019, we are exploring energy. How it affects us physically, mentally and spiritually. We have hooked up with a series of experts who will set an experiment every month to help us discover a way of managing our energy.

Spring has sprung. It’s the perfect time to think about that piece of wisdom ‘you are what you eat’ by focusing on nutrition.

April’s #ElvisEnergyExperiment is set by Daniel O’Shaughnessy otherwise known as The Naked Nutritionist. Daniel works with brands, individuals and corporations across the world creating bespoke nutritional plans, workshops and talks to help people boost their energy and wellbeing through nutrition.

We all know we should eat our 5 a day but few of us focus on the story behind what happens in our bodies. Our gut controls so much of how our mind and body functions via the gut-brain axis.

The modern landscape of 24/7 snacking and easy to access food has meant our digestive systems are overloaded. We are never more than a few minutes away from a packet of salt and vinegars. The gut is not designed for this level of activity.

Our predecessors had to forage for food, hence supplies were intermittent. Since our biology has barely changed over time, our gut has become inflamed due to over work. It struggles to influence the brain through that vital gut-brain axis. Imagine your digestive system has hundreds of little cleaning brushes that can only come out when it's empty. We wouldn’t try to clean our house whilst we were having a party, the same applies to your gut.

This month we are going to give our digestive system a little holiday. A chance for it to get bright, shiny and raring to go by introducing intermittent fasting 3 times a week.

Here’s the plan, man:

Week 1 – 13 hour fast

Week 2 – 14 hour fast

Week 3 – 15 hour fast

Week 4 – 16 hour fast

13 hours is the sweet spot when insulin levels start to drop and your body starts functioning better, so anything up to 16 hours is a bonus.

It is up to you how you plan your day. You can eat what you like but try and keep choices as healthy as you can - eating the colours of the rainbow is a good guide. Lots of veggies, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats.

For some, having a late breakfast might be the simplest solution, or an early supper. You can flex your timings as long as you allow the full fasting time. Drink water or herbal tea during the fast as hydration is key.

Say hello to Spring and fast to go faster!

If you are taking medication, have blood sugar or eating problems or any other health concerns do consult your GP before starting this experiment. Do not exercise too vigorously when fasting.

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